Specialist suppliers to the construction industry worldwide…

Global Reach

We have the ability to supply to almost any country in the world and adhere to the particular technical and logistical requirements.

UBMO co-operate with a number of specialist logistics companies in order to provide shipping, airfreight or overland delivery services.


Over a period of 50 years we have supplied to numerous clients and projects in many developed and developing markets.

We have the sourcing and logistical experience to complement your construction experience. Together we can ensure a successfully executed project.

Construction Products

UBMO can supply virtually anything that is needed on a construction site. We know what products are best suited to any particular project and market.

We have close relationships with a large number of UK based suppliers but will source worldwide when necessary. UBMO source from global suppliers and supply to global clients.


Whether it is sourcing, packing, logistics, or finance, UBMO can always be flexible. We aim to provide project solutions for our clients.

UBMO can deliver…
  • Project Procurement
  • General Procurement
  • Export Management
  • Logistics