Fragile Goods


The Problem
  • A Game Lodge / Hotel was to be constructed in a Game Park on an escarpment in East Africa by a Japanese developer.
  • Sanitary ware and other fragile items had to be shipped, transported overland by trailer on unmade roads for several hundred miles and hauled up an escarpment.
  • Packing had to be suitable to ensure that all materials arrived on site without damage and without being unloaded from the containers.
The Solution
  • All materials were sourced and checked by UBMO
  • One way containers were purchased by UBMO
  • The containers were lined with polystyrene, fragile materials were packed in polystyrene in polystyrene lined crates which were then securely fixed to the base of the containers.
  • Additional items were included in case of damage in transit or on site.
The Result
  • All materials were received intact on site apart from one basin which was damaged by site staff when unloading the container.